Welcome and thanks for sharing your story

I can relate somewhat to your story in that I walked away and years later came back to question if I should get involved again with another, possibly better company.

One thing that helped me was to research MLMs in general and how they work (or don’t rather). There’s an article in this group’s files (along with many others) that helps to spell it out a bit better than I can;
Marketing Math

As Mike said, MLMs all basically work in a similar manner. 98% of those that get involved in MLM do not make any money. MLMs require that failure to work BUT they need a percentage of that 98% to be loyal to the company and place those qualifying orders each month. This to me is the ultimate factor that decided my mind. I couldn’t continue pretending to people that they had a good chance of bringing in some cash when the numbers say different. People lie, numbers don’t.

Good luck!

I have to say from my experience to run like

heck away from all mlm’s, particularly Herbalife. Take your sales skills and put them to work for a J-O-B and you will have great success. MLM’s suck the life out of your family and friends, because a regular mlm salesman cannot make much money, and most people don’t want the over-priced products. Just my 2 cents worth!

WOW what an experience you have with amway

I feel the same way too when amway came here in the philippines with all those promises of money free tomorrow… but all of that expectation fall down into pieces. After a year of building the multi level marketing, mind you we have started the multi- level positioning even if the amway business hasnt launch yet in the Philippines. We are all as expectant as if a babe was going to be born. April 1998 when amway finally launch here in our country, expecting commission in return with my very deep marketing member who joined up under me… but you know what happen??? even a single centavo i NEVER get a commission with their marketing plan, having a long line of members under me… so what happen to my hardworking effort to convince people to join amway… NOTHING… ALL HEARTACHES…anyway that is part of my experience in amway here in the philippines..