Those comments say a lot more about you than you realize

It’s quite possible to find a good, solid, and well paying job without playing corporate politics and such a statement, in the way you make it, makes me wonder if you have the experience in the corporate world at all other than that one business you mention.

You’ve spent, by your account, at least 15 years working for the future and it keeps eluding you. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Isn’t it just possible that if you want to have a future where, at some point, you can stop working, you might want to work for the present? Instead of saying a job is okay for some people, perhaps if you considered working in one, say, only about 40 hours a week, and used the rest of the time to enjoy your life and to do things like date, learn something fun like ballroom dancing, or develop a few hobbies and spend time with friends, you might find yourself enjoying your life AND creating a secure financial future.

You’ve spent 15 years spinning your wheels, trying to go from 0 to 60 ASAP. You don’t seem to even consider going from 0 to 60 over time.
Did you know that less than .1% of the people in an MLM actually make a profit at it?

I think you’ll find there are dozens of opportunities for someone like you in almost any MLM you could name. With your background in AW and your time in the business in your 20s, I’m sure any MLM out there will be eager for someone like you to sign up with them.

You won’t get much respect from folks around here with that attitude

Pretty much everyone here has no problem with working for a living at whatever they need to pay the bills. I have my own business and if I had to pay the bills, I’d take on whatever job I needed to.

My Father worked a 9-5 job his whole life and died a multi-millionaire. His boss never had an idea that, even back in the 1980s, he had a millionaire working for him. Dad was careful with his money but not skimpy with it. What he did that made the difference was study the stock market and use what money he could, even while raising me and my half-brother and half-sister on one salary, and put it into the stock market.

Everyone is entitled to their preferences, but when you say you don’t want a job (or J-O-B), you do come across as quite entitled, and that’s from a business owner who could have tossed it in and retired years ago if he had just said, “Daddy, you know all those stocks you have and how much I want to spend my time writing…”

I appreciate your taking the time to respond

While I value your opinion on Herbalife and MLM’s in general, I’m just not interested in working a “J-O-B” as they call it. The only times in my life when I made any real money was when I owned my own business. It’s not that jobs aren’t viable options for some people, but I’m just not interested in all the politics and corporate backstabbing that goes on. I want to be in as much control as possible, and being the owner is the best way to do that in my opinion.

Again, thanks very much for the input on Herbalife. I do want to start another business. I’m just not sure right now what kind of business to start – whether it’s an MLM or not. I’m just at the research stage at this point I guess.

Thank you all once again for your opinions and expertise.