Actually, it wasn’t enough

You talked about working for your 20s for one company, then working under AW for 5 years. The info about the company you worked for than later bought is sketchy. Understand, we get people who come into this group all the time who give us info that is light on the details because there are no details or because things are misstated. You stated you’ve been in this group awhile and you actually joined on March 10, so that’s long enough to have seen how close your comments are to the stuff we get from a lot of people who want to sound legit but have bent their statements to make them sound good.

Basically you told us you had one job where you bought the company and 5 years under AW. There was little in what you wrote to give us a clear idea of whether you actually knew what you were doing in that job where you bought the company or not. From what you say, it sounds like within 90 days of buying that company, you were undercut, which makes me question whether the original owners knew that was on the way and felt you were gullible enough for them to make a last bit of rushed profit before bailing out.

I’m sorry if I came off a little harsh

Realize that we have had plenty of people come in here asking for opinions – only to be trying to justify decisions they’ve already made (and defending the particular MLM they are involved with).

Seriously though, if you want the honest answer – it is that about 99% of people who get involved in MLM make little, no or lose money (sometimes lots). Maybe if you started your own & were willing to swindle hundreds or thousands of people out of their money in the hopeless cause of “getting rich quick” you’d be successful.

Otherwise, if you are serious about calling your own shots & starting another business – there are plenty of legitimate opportunities out there – you just need to research and find them (and MLM isn’t it).