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Thanks for giving me so much credit, Markuz!

You said that “nothing in life is free” as though this is what I have been looking for. At what point in any of my corrspondence did it sound like I was looking to get ahead without working for it?

This is just not the case. What I am looking for is a decent business that will reward me if I work hard and produce. Will ANY MLM do this? I don’t know, and that is why I asked for opinions here.

Please don’t just write me off as another “Amroid” who has been brainwashed into thinking that success can be had without a price. So far, I have paid a very high price.

I’m sorry for the confusion

I do not count Amway as one of the businesses I said I owned. The first one was the brokerage business, and the second one is a mortgage company that I have owned for the last six years. This business had been fairly successful, but with the down turn in the real estate market, business has slowed up considerably. This is why I am looking for other options to pursue at the same time.

Before starting the mortgage company, I worked both a mortgage broker (for one year), and then a mortgage lender (for three years).

I would like to emphasize the fact that I am NOT looking for a way to “get rich quick” without any work. My purpose here is to seek opinions and gather as many facts as possible in an effort to decide what my next step should be.