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Wow, a lot has changed in the last 24 hrs

DH took the news well (whew!) and was very pleased I’d sort of jumped into action to prep the property for the tree coming down, whether it was by plan or by gravity. We were able to talk objectively and without blame or anger that yep, it’s going to be a big bill, but it’s something we have to do, so let’s just deal with it. Then it became clear that Ma Nature was taking things into her own hands, because more and more branches were snapping and popping (sort like listening to a bowl of Rice Krispies), and we knew it was coming down soon. I had just made a big feed and hay run, so we were good on “groceries” for the livestock. DH parked his truck on the other side of the road so that we had a vehicle on each side of where the tree would end up. I even called the neighbors to let them know that if they heard a big crash in the middle of the night, they didn’t have to go out in their bathrobes and bunny slippers to see if we were OK. And then we waited.
About 7pm, we heard it go. It was already dark but we knew pretty much where it was going to land. It was actually surprisingly quiet. The Doug fir branches sort of slowed and cushioned the fall such that the tree didn’t really fell down, it laid down. And we couldn’t have laid it down any better if we’d tried. I think the little angel of inspiration took the Big Angel of Protection aside late yesterday, and said “hey, these folks gave me some free advertising today. Can you do me a favor and make sure that tree of theirs doesn’t do any damage on the way down?” The tree landed exactly in our garden aisle, such that none of our raised bed frames were crushed. Missed the beehives, missed the few herbs I still had out there, clipped a dead branch of another tree, squashed an old fence. That’s it. Didn’t hit the power lines, didn’t even take out too many Doug fir branches on the way down. And now, we don’t have a $1K+ felling bill but we want to use payday loans online secure service, so as an added bonus, the DH is starting to see the value of the sinking funds! Is that a bank shot or what?!? He had muttered last night that darnit, he wants to find a way to save up for this sort of thing a little bit at a time, in advance, so that we can deal with emergencies like this when they come up unexpectedly. I very gently reminded him that’s the whole purpose of the sinking fund system. And for the first time ever, he seemed to think yea, that might actually be a good idea. YAY!!!!!

So today we have a lot of chainsaw work to do, but a very big thank you to the Big Angel of Protection and the little angel of inspiration, both of whom were working to help out here yesterday.