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Thanks for giving me so much credit, Markuz!

You said that “nothing in life is free” as though this is what I have been looking for. At what point in any of my corrspondence did it sound like I was looking to get ahead without working for it?

This is just not the case. What I am looking for is a decent business that will reward me if I work hard and produce. Will ANY MLM do this? I don’t know, and that is why I asked for opinions here.

Please don’t just write me off as another “Amroid” who has been brainwashed into thinking that success can be had without a price. So far, I have paid a very high price.

I beat my head against the wall

peddling Amway (80s /90s) for too many years (I left this consume my life, giving up my other hobbies).. I heard the same thing, the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) reference. As a n00be to mlm’s (I didn’t know that term at the beginning), I didn’ t know any better, and wanted to get away from the J.O.B., just as they drew out in the “plan”. After doing what they said (and believe me, I did what any new AmBOT did… handed out tapes, drew plans, went to all the AMO training seminars, participated in the book & tape program, got ABSOLUTELY nowhere. Yes, I peddled it to friends and family. None of them were interested, lol.
I had an upline that screwed me 6 ways to Sunday out of “possible international business” (Norm & Marie Hall– look them up— they’re despicable.. long story– check my website.

Residual income is not a farce, but is in an MLM structure

My business is based on it. I make money now because my clients subscribe on a monthly basis and the software does the work for me.
When I work on this system, each hour I spend on the software I’ve designed is an investment. I’m not paid by the hour, but when I set up something that helps clients, I get paid for that work every time I get a monthly subscription fee from a client.

Back when I dated Dawn, my ex-gf who was so taken with QX, it was funny how they kept talking about residual income and one time we were on a date and her upline called her and coincidentally had an offer for me (yeah, I can’t believe just how tidy that coincidence was!). He wanted to know if I was interested in a database programming job because a friend of his needed someone to do work for him. She gave me her cell to talk to him and I explained that my business was based on subscription fees and every hour I spent on my software paid me off multiple times over down the road with each subscription fee. I then explained that if I took a paid-per-hour job that I’d actually lose money in the long run because I might get $150 for that hour, but it’s an hour that I could not spend on my own work that would pay me back many times over for that one hour.

He didn’t understand at all, yet this was the very business model he was selling.