I beat my head against the wall

peddling Amway (80s /90s) for too many years (I left this consume my life, giving up my other hobbies).. I heard the same thing, the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) reference. As a n00be to mlm’s (I didn’t know that term at the beginning), I didn’ t know any better, and wanted to get away from the J.O.B., just as they drew out in the “plan”. After doing what they said (and believe me, I did what any new AmBOT did… handed out tapes, drew plans, went to all the AMO training seminars, participated in the book & tape program, got ABSOLUTELY nowhere. Yes, I peddled it to friends and family. None of them were interested, lol.
I had an upline that screwed me 6 ways to Sunday out of “possible international business” (Norm & Marie Hall– look them up— they’re despicable.. long story– check my website.