I debated about whether to respond, I’ll be brief

I sit on the other side of the coin. In a house that is falling apart, (not saying yours is) and a landlord who is just SURE that it is all my fault. He hasn’t done a thing to this place unless he has been compelled to…examples include:

the 20 year old furnace that went out (somehow that’s my fault)

the last time this place was tented for termites was 40 years ago, but somehow the fact there are termites here is my fault.
the termites ate through the fascia boards, and the fact that he has painted over them multiple times but now the city wants him to replace them is all my fault

the dishwasher which was broken when we moved in, he replaced. it’s a cheap piece of garbage, and what a surprise, within two years the timing board broke, somehow that’s my fault too.

many of the pipes and fixtures have rusted away and somehow since they’ve completely rusted through while we’ve been living here, that’s something I caused

You get the point.