One of the “secrets ” of our nearly 42 year marriage is

taking time for just of the two of us. Those times have ranged everywhere from a late night picnicking in the back yard in the warm months or in front of the fireplace in colder months, we’ve even pitched a tent indoors before.

This special time was a 5 day holiday to WDW this last weekend. We took advantage of our annual pass discounts and bargain air fare to fly down. We are nearly home now.

One of the beautiful things about being cc debt free is the luxury of such a trip.

The beauty of the annual pass is it not only gives us rooms at a 30% off rate, but we had pre check in at the resort, and no tickets to purchase. Because we used the tickets in May we had already got our money’s worth then, so these were basically free entry. We also got other things at a discount.

The parks are especially beautiful this time of year and the weather was great.

I pretty well had completed our Christmas shopping before we left, so it is just a matter of putting the tree up when we get home, if ds hasn’t done it already.

I had set aside a chunk of cash for the trip, but we barely touched it. So I will be putting that as an additional principal on the mortgage this week. So another bonus of this last week.

The trip didn’t even cost us vacation time because of a rush job and extra hours at work for dh just before we left. It was a fun, but tiring trip.