So we have 7 high schooling home schoolers and two parents (lol)

who are attending the Foundations in Personal Finance class. We’ve had two, both the same subject. I was so late in getting out invites to the various homeschooling groups in my area that only 3 were able to make it the first week. But those three were involved in something else (as a group) yesterday, so we did a makeup session with the 4 (and two parents) yesterday. Next week we will all be on the same page.

It’s really interesting. If you’ve been through FPU or read Total Money Makeover, Foundations is a really different format. In fact, if I was an adult, I’d do FPU/TMM then when I go to baby step 3 or 4 I’d make myself go through Foundations since its focus is on saving, investing and wealth building.

It’s also challenging because it’s hard to sell the concept of having an emergency fund even BS1 to teenagers. They just don’t see the need for one. The best the group could come up with as high schoolers that they might have as emergencies were breaking your cell phone, getting a ticket (most of them don’t even drive.) IT’s quite a different dynamic from adults who at least intellectually acknowledge WHY they should have an EF.

I WAS able to get them to agree that they are all 2- 2.5 years away from college, so if they sit around and do nothing, 2.5 years from now college will be here and they will still have nothing. We juxtaposed that against “two years ago” they were in the 8th grade, and now they’re halfway through high school (or more): doesn’t that feel like time flew by? (heads nod.)

Anyway, It’s fun, we’re learning a lot. They have homework (which is funny…homeschoolers…homework.) I’ll keep you posted.