Well, we have a nice big unexpected bill looking us right in the face

A windstorm several years ago sent a tall cottonwood leaning against a Doug fir. Over the years it’s gotten locked into the branches of that Doug fir and was fairly stable. But in our first windstorm of the season about 10 days ago, it apparently shifted or rotated, such that it’s no longer locked into place. Yep, it’s on the way down. I have been hearing popping and cracking sounds from the Doug fir branches as they let go under the weight, one at a time. And here’s the really neato part of this story – it’s immediately over our driveway, and would come down right across where we wait to pull out onto the road. Yes, this now constitutes an emergency.

I just got off the phone with our tree service whom we’ve used before, and they’re going to send their top guy out within the next day or so to assess and give us some options. We already know from a prior bid to drop the tree, that due to its nearness to the road, it would cost at least $1K to bring it down safely. It was our collective opinion at that time that we didn’t have the money, and the problem could wait. That was two years ago. I haven’t told the DH yet about this change in status, and I don’t know what his response will be. My opinion is that we need to fell it ASAP before it falls on its own. As in, this week or as soon as the tree crew can get out here to do it.