You won’t get much respect from folks around here with that attitude

Pretty much everyone here has no problem with working for a living at whatever they need to pay the bills. I have my own business and if I had to pay the bills, I’d take on whatever job I needed to.

My Father worked a 9-5 job his whole life and died a multi-millionaire. His boss never had an idea that, even back in the 1980s, he had a millionaire working for him. Dad was careful with his money but not skimpy with it. What he did that made the difference was study the stock market and use what money he could, even while raising me and my half-brother and half-sister on one salary, and put it into the stock market.

Everyone is entitled to their preferences, but when you say you don’t want a job (or J-O-B), you do come across as quite entitled, and that’s from a business owner who could have tossed it in and retired years ago if he had just said, “Daddy, you know all those stocks you have and how much I want to spend my time writing…”